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Seven ways middle school families can start planning for high school (and college)

When is the right time to start planning high school courses? If you’re the parent of a student in late elementary school or middle school, you’ve probably asked that question. Knowing when to start planning for high school is hard enough, but throw in the wrinkle of how best to prepare for college, and it [...]

10 ways summer vacation can boost your high school transcript

Ahh, summer vacation. It brings to mind sandy beaches, poolside parties, picnics in the park, camping, and so much more. But for aspiring college students—particularly those in their sophomore and junior years—summer vacation can be more than just fun in the sun with family and friends. In fact, it’s the perfect time to leverage the [...]

Which year is most important on a high school transcript?

If you’ve spent much time thinking about high school transcripts, you’ve probably wondered if one particular year of high school is more important than the others. Conventional wisdom used to say the junior year was key to college admissions—and that students could coast across the finish line their senior year with the satisfaction of knowing [...]

How many of these homeschool record-keeping tips do you follow?

Good record keeping produces a great high school transcript. But the process of keeping records can be a huge pain, especially for busy homeschool families. So is it worth the effort? Public, private, and parochial schools keep certain records on hand, including test scores and grades, attendance records, report cards, and immunization records. And while [...]

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A professional high-school transcript: 4 reasons you should create one right now

As a homeschool parent, what’s your biggest fear about sending your student to college? You might list common concerns like: Getting into a well-ranked school Paying for tuition, books, and room and board Preparing your student academically for the rigors of college Helping your young adult stay safe on campus While all of these are [...]