5 traits of the best online high schools

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As school administrators know all too well, the education marketplace in America is increasingly competitive. Today, parents and students can choose from a long list of options including traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, and even online schools to best meet their child’s unique needs and career goals. With so many choices available, [...]

7 ways to manage your stress as a high school administrator

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The demands placed on you as an administrator can be enormous. Over the years, studies have shown that the function of the school administrator continues to increase and become more complicated as a result of continual changes within educational policy. Your work days can be long, stretching into evening and even weekend hours. Your responsibility [...]

How Transcript Maker helped Orion High School save time and money

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Around 11 years ago, Dr. Joseph Gallegos had a vision to provide opportunities for unique students—those who didn’t finish high school and needed other options. That led to the launch of the fully accredited online school Orion High School in 2008.  Right out of the gate, Dr. Gallegos knew he had a problem. Creating high-school transcripts in house was time-consuming and [...]

8 ways to do a better job communicating with parents in your school

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Working as a private school administrator requires you to play multiple roles and perform a myriad of time-consuming tasks—one of which is to communicate with parents in person, over the phone, and via email (or other platforms like social media). It’s easy for effective administrator-to-parent communication to slip through the cracks, but keeping your students’ [...]

7 reasons why your school needs enrichment programs

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Does your school offer enrichment programs? If you haven’t considered them before, now is a great time. Enrichment programs can not only change the entire course of a student’s life, but they can attract more families to your school and build your reputation in the community. Put simply, a generous enrichment program can improve all [...]