New features: Course status and GPA summary

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As always here at Transcript Maker, we've been working on adding new features and constantly improving our service. It's time for another new feature announcement! Here are the latest additions: Course Status Previously, Course Status and Course Type were in the same drop-down, so courses couldn't be marked as a special course type (like Honors, [...]

Three new features!

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Here at Transcript Maker, we're always working on improving our service by adding new features and keeping up with what our customers want. Your satisfaction is our goal! So, here are the three latest features we've added for you. Numeric Grades We are happy to announce that a feature many of you have been requesting [...]

New feature! Selectable grading scales

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Hey, folks. Matt here. We’ve just rolled out a new feature, and I’m hoping you’ll love it: selectable grading scales. I’ve recently heard from many of you that you’d like the ability to mix-and-match your grading scales as you see fit. This new feature empowers you to do that. To see how it works, navigate [...]

NEW: The ultimate homeschool guide to a high school transcript

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Want to make an amazing high school transcript? Here’s the only how-to guide you need to do it! Announcing my new eBook: The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Creating a High School Transcript. It contains my very best tips from over 10 years of helping homeschool families create amazing high school transcripts. What's inside the book? You’ll learn how to: [...]

New at Transcript Maker: School plans

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Hey, folks. Matt here. I’ve got some exciting news to share ...  For a while now, I’ve heard from private and public schools frustrated by the complicated, annoying process of creating a large amount of high school transcripts in-house. So today, I’m thrilled to announce a solution: Transcript Maker now offers school plans! Here are [...]

New feature! Credit summary

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Hey, folks. Matt here. We’ve got plenty of exciting new features coming to Transcript Maker in 2017. I’d like to share one of them with you today: Credit summary. Here's what I love about this feature: You can summarize the total amount of credit hours earned across all subjects. You can compare credit hours earned [...]