You don’t have to be a genius to speed through college

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In 2017, Raven Osborne was one of thousands of students who graduated from Purdue University in Indiana. But something about Raven made her a little bit different—she graduated from Purdue two weeks before she also graduated from high school. How’d she do it? Raven began taking dual enrollment classes in eighth grade, eventually moving from [...]

New features: Course status and GPA summary

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As always here at Transcript Maker, we've been working on adding new features and constantly improving our service. It's time for another new feature announcement! Here are the latest additions: Course Status Previously, Course Status and Course Type were in the same drop-down, so courses couldn't be marked as a special course type (like Honors, [...]

New archiving feature for schools

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We are excited to have schools using Transcript Maker for their students, and are regularly adding special features that are helpful for schools. This is our latest school feature! Archiving Transcripts As a school, you need to keep a copy of all your graduated students' transcripts, but those transcripts can start to pile up! Archiving [...]

Three new features!

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Here at Transcript Maker, we're always working on improving our service by adding new features and keeping up with what our customers want. Your satisfaction is our goal! So, here are the three latest features we've added for you. Numeric Grades We are happy to announce that a feature many of you have been requesting [...]

How to prevent social media from ruining your high school transcript

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You and your student have pulled together all the details of a professional-quality high school transcript—complete with a solid GPA, course history, record of extracurricular activities, and more. You’ve worked together to compile a list of your student’s dream colleges, and it’s time to start sending out applications. But have you taken his or her [...]

10 ways summer vacation can boost your high school transcript

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Ahh, summer vacation. It brings to mind sandy beaches, poolside parties, picnics in the park, camping, and so much more. But for aspiring college students—particularly those in their sophomore and junior years—summer vacation can be more than just fun in the sun with family and friends. In fact, it’s the perfect time to leverage the [...]