Should homeschoolers take the PSAT?

Everyone knows that preparing for the SAT or ACT is challenging enough. But when it comes to the younger cousins of these standardized tests—the PSAT/NMSQT and PREACT—your family’s options and opportunities can be even more puzzling. Should your student pre-test—and if so, which one should he or she take? Are both pre-tests necessary? In this Read more about Should homeschoolers take the PSAT?[…]

When to take the SAT or ACT

Not much in the college admissions process is scarier than taking the SAT or ACT. And no wonder—scoring well on these tests can mean getting accepted into a college of choice or receiving a coveted academic merit scholarship. With so much counting on these tests, your family has probably focused a lot of energy on Read more about When to take the SAT or ACT[…]