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Should I use a 4.00 or 4.33 GPA on my transcript?

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Our team frequently gets questions from homeschool families regarding grade point averages. One of the most common is, “What’s the difference between a 4.00 and 4.33 grade point average, and which one should I use on my student’s transcript?” In today’s blog post, we’ll demystify the process of picking between these two scales! First, here’s [...]

21 ways to instantly improve your high school transcript

By |2018-07-10T18:16:30+00:00October 12th, 2017|Advice, High school transcripts, Preparing for college, Transcripts 101|

When it comes to making a great high school transcript, getting all your ducks in a row can be overwhelming. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist of ways to give your transcript a quick boost? Well, we’ve got some good news—we’re sharing one today! Our 21 tips should make your task of [...]

How to make your own homeschool high school diploma

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It’s your student’s senior year of high school. You’ve rounded out the last of your curriculum, the college application process is well underway, and your student’s transcript is almost complete. With graduation just around the corner, it’s time to think about one last detail—your student’s diploma. If you haven’t thought much about this detail, don’t [...]

Which year is most important on a high school transcript?

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If you’ve spent much time thinking about high school transcripts, you’ve probably wondered if one particular year of high school is more important than the others. Conventional wisdom used to say the junior year was key to college admissions—and that students could coast across the finish line their senior year with the satisfaction of knowing [...]

NEW: The ultimate homeschool guide to a high school transcript

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Want to make an amazing high school transcript? Here’s the only how-to guide you need to do it! Announcing my new eBook: The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Creating a High School Transcript. It contains my very best tips from over 10 years of helping homeschool families create amazing high school transcripts. What's inside the book? You’ll learn how to: [...]