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A professional high-school transcript: 4 reasons you should create one right now

As a homeschool parent, what’s your biggest fear about sending your student to college? You might list common concerns like: Getting into a well-ranked school Paying for tuition, books, and room and board Preparing your student academically for the rigors of college Helping your young adult stay safe on campus While all of these are [...]

Essential tips: Adding extracurricular activities to your homeschool high school transcript

Adding extracurricular activities to your transcript can be downright fun! They give a dash of flavor and spice to any transcript by demonstrating a student’s interests beyond academics. Colleges appreciate well-rounded students with a diverse background, and extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to show it. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to know where to [...]

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5 ways to ruin your high school transcript

Creating a professional, high-quality transcript is one the most important steps you can take toward being accepted by your top-choice college. But during our years of experience helping homeschool families and private schools navigate the do’s and don’ts of great transcripts, we’ve encountered a few common errors, omissions, and straight-up faux pas that always spell [...]

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Do I have to put my student’s SSN on the transcript?

Transcript Maker allows entry of your student’s SSN (Social Security Number), but is this truly required for a high school transcript? The answer is no. This field is completely optional. Generally, colleges or universities will request the student’s SSN as part of the application process, but the SSN doesn’t typically need to be included on [...]

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