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The ultimate step-by-step guide for homeschool families

The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Creating a High School Transcript
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Need to build a high school transcript, but not sure where to start?

I know exactly how you feel. As a homeschool graduate myself, I faced the daunting task of creating a high school transcript from scratch, with no clue where to begin. It’s a problem many homeschool families face.

That’s why I wrote The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Creating a High School Transcript.

Building a high school transcript used to take me days. Now it takes me minutes. Click the video to watch me explain how I made the jump.

What You’ll Learn

  • Create the Perfect Aesthetic
    Know what to include (and what to leave off), how to arrange content, and how to print a professional final transcript.
  • Master Courses
    Discover which courses to take, how to add them, and how to name them. A bonus: Learn the secrets to writing compelling course descriptions.
  • Calculate Credits the Right Way
    Learn how to assign credit hours, handle partial or in progress courses, and calculate credit for AP, dual enrollment, and honors courses.
  • Make GPA Simple
    Decide on the right GPA scale and discover the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA.
  • Add Tests and Extracurricular Activities
    Learn the ropes of adding standardized tests (SAT and ACT), plus which extracurricular activities to add (and how to present them).
  • Create a Complete Package
    What to include along with your transcript when submitting it, and six final tips for transcript making success.
  • And much more…

What Homeschool Parents Are Saying

“I wish I had had this eBook available when my first child was entering her high school years.” Holly Urbach

“This is a concise and straight to the point resource that will be very helpful to homeschool students and parents.” Jan Basden

“Very easy to read eBook that relieved the stress of having to build a transcript in our high school years.” Sheila Hargett

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I’m Matthew Bass, and I’ve been helping homeschool families create professional high school transcripts for over 10 years. I’m also a software developer, homeschool graduate, entrepreneur, and founder of Transcript Maker, the high school transcript app.