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Three New Features!

Here at Transcript Maker, we’re always working on improving our service by adding new features and keeping up with what our customers want. Your satisfaction is our goal! So, here are the three latest features we’ve added for you. Numeric Grades We are happy to announce that a feature many of you have been requesting Read more about Three New Features![…]

Seven ways middle school families can start planning for high school (and college)

When is the right time to start planning high school courses? If you’re the parent of a student in late elementary school or middle school, you’ve probably asked that question. Knowing when to start planning for high school is hard enough, but throw in the wrinkle of how best to prepare for college, and it Read more about Seven ways middle school families can start planning for high school (and college)[…]

Here’s how to stress less about college applications

Applying to college—whether you’re a parent or student, it can be hugely stressful. Information overload, looming deadlines, and attempts to submit the perfect application can weigh you down, creating a pressure-cooker of anxiety. Fortunately, there are some ways your family can work together to keep your cool and avoid burnout during this hectic season. We’ll explore Read more about Here’s how to stress less about college applications[…]

Should homeschoolers take the PSAT?

Everyone knows that preparing for the SAT or ACT is challenging enough. But when it comes to the younger cousins of these standardized tests—the PSAT/NMSQT and PREACT—your family’s options and opportunities can be even more puzzling. Should your student pre-test—and if so, which one should he or she take? Are both pre-tests necessary? In this Read more about Should homeschoolers take the PSAT?[…]

New feature! Selectable grading scales

Hey, folks. Matt here. We’ve just rolled out a new feature, and I’m hoping you’ll love it: selectable grading scales. I’ve recently heard from many of you that you’d like the ability to mix-and-match your grading scales as you see fit. This new feature empowers you to do that. To see how it works, navigate Read more about New feature! Selectable grading scales[…]

When to take the SAT or ACT

Not much in the college admissions process is scarier than taking the SAT or ACT. And no wonder—scoring well on these tests can mean getting accepted into a college of choice or receiving a coveted academic merit scholarship. With so much counting on these tests, your family has probably focused a lot of energy on Read more about When to take the SAT or ACT[…]