How to motivate your students to participate in their own learning

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As a private school administrator, you wear a lot of hats every day on the job. Depending on your specific role and the size of your school, on any given day you may have to focus on: board relations fundraising financial planning marketing communications and public relations human resources food services transportation issues security challenges [...]

The 7 biggest challenges of homeschooling through high school

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Remember the days when teaching your child took an hour or so a day? The fun of ABCs and 123s, storybooks, and nap time? Most homeschool parents feel pretty confident about their ability to teach their child in the early elementary school years. Then you blink and have a ninth grader on your hands. Your [...]

Understanding the evolution of ‘guidance counselor’ to ‘school counselor’

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It used to be that guidance counselors had one primary mission: prepare students for college and career pathways after graduation. Think of duties like writing recommendation letters, sending student transcripts to colleges, and helping students job hunt. But in recent years, the role of guidance counselors has evolved to include far more. While today’s “school [...]