Hi! Our names are Matt and Lizzie Bass. We’re just a couple of homeschool graduates who asked a simple question back in high school: “Does making a high school transcript really need to be this difficult?”

We decided the answer was no, and that led to Transcript Maker—the app that empowers homeschool families and private schools to make amazing high school transcripts.

Transcript Maker has been around since 2006. Since then, we’ve helped 55,000 people get into the college of their choice with an amazing high school transcript.

A Little More About Us …

Matt is a software developer and entrepreneur who loves to solve problems for everyday people. When he’s not tinkering around online, you can probably find him building something with Lego.

Lizzie is a musician, piano teacher, homemaker, and lover of all things vintage. She enjoys solving problems for our customers and shares Matt’s passion for Lego.

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