New feature: A+ letter grade

Transcript Maker now supports A as a letter grade for those who need it. A is weighted with a numerical grade of 4.33 and impacts your GPA like any other letter grade. (Visit the help area for an overview of Transcript Maker’s grading system.)

This new letter grade is available immediately on all Transcript Maker accounts.

New letter grade

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2 thoughts on “New feature: A+ letter grade

  • Here’s a problem. At my school we don’t give the extra credit for the A+. How can I change that? This might be a deal breaker…

    • Hi Katherine! Thanks for the question. We actually have a setting we can change on your account that prevents the extra credit from being given for A+ grades. Drop an email to us at and include the email address you use when you log in and we’d be happy to change that for you.

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