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New feature: custom year labels

We’re very excited to announce a highly requested feature: custom year labels. In the past, we only offered a standard set of year labels (Freshman, Sophomore, and so on). Now, paid users can choose to use years (2006, 2007), names and years (Freshman 2006/2007), or grades (9th, 10th). To choose which year label to use, Read more about New feature: custom year labels[…]

New feature: editable transcript titles

Something many people have requested is the ability to edit transcript titles. The title of a new transcript defaults to “High School Transcript” but some users would prefer it simply say “School Transcript” or even just “Transcript.” Now you can make it say whatever you’d like. You’ll see the title on the transcript editing page Read more about New feature: editable transcript titles[…]

New feature: additional credit hours

We’ve had many requests from users to add 0.25 and 0.75 to the credit hours drop-down. As of noon today, these new options are now available for upgraded accounts. To use them, simply add a course as usual and select one of the new options in the credit hours drop-down. Teascript will automatically take into Read more about New feature: additional credit hours[…]