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What is academic ranking anyway?

High school academic ranking (also known as class rank) compares a student’s cumulative GPA against fellow classmates’ GPAs. This commonly results in either a percentile (e.g. 90th percentile) or a ratio (e.g. top fifth of graduating class). Many colleges see academic ranking as an important part of the application process. Despite this fact, only about Read more about What is academic ranking anyway?[…]

New feature: custom font sizes

Another commonly requested feature is the ability to change the font size used on each transcript. This can now be done by clicking the “Settings” button at the top of the transcript editing page. Using a smaller font enables more information to be displayed on the transcript, while using a larger font makes the transcript Read more about New feature: custom font sizes[…]

New feature: custom fonts

Since it’s inception, Teascript has used the attractive Helvetica font on its transcripts. Some users have requested the ability to use a different font. This is now possible! To switch fonts, click on the new “Settings” button at the top of the transcript editing page. The font drop-down will allow you to select between Helvetica Read more about New feature: custom fonts[…]

What is a homeschool transcript?

A homeschool transcript is essentially a detailed record of your high school student’s career. At minimum it should contain: Courses taken and completed Credits earned from completed courses Grades received GPA (grade point average) Extracurricular activities It’s usually a good idea to include standardized tests your student has taken, for example the SAT or ACT. Read more about What is a homeschool transcript?[…]

New feature: unweighted GPAs

Weighted GPAs are what colleges typically want to see on a transcript. However, there are situations where a college specifically requests an unweighted GPA. Teascript now supports both. A weighted GPA is displayed by default. To switch to an unweighted GPA, go to your transcript’s settings (see below) and uncheck the box labeled “Use weighted Read more about New feature: unweighted GPAs[…]