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6 reasons to pursue dual enrollment (for your transcript’s sake)

College costs are rising faster than ever—and have been for decades. Increasingly, families find it a challenge to pay for school without resorting to costly student-loan debt. The good news: there are ways to combat the rising cost of higher education. Imagine a trick that is the academic equivalent of doubling the bang for your Read more about 6 reasons to pursue dual enrollment (for your transcript’s sake)[…]

3 easy ways to improve your transcript’s appeal

In many ways, applying to college is like going to a job interview. Little things can make a big difference. You wouldn’t show up at a job interview with a resume that was hastily scribbled onto the back of a napkin, would you? In the same way, it’s important to prepare a professional transcript ahead Read more about 3 easy ways to improve your transcript’s appeal[…]

Redesign launched today!

We’re very excited to announce a redesign of Transcript Maker that was deployed this morning. This is something we’ve been working on for a long time and we’re very happy to finally push this out to you. Here’s a sample of what’s new: An improved visual layout A larger transcript editor Simplified navigation across the app Read more about Redesign launched today![…]

New feature: Custom section labels

Make your high school transcript even better with custom section labels! While before you could only manipulate pre-set labels in Transcript Maker, this new feature gives you added freedom to easily create your own individualized labels from scratch. For example, if you volunteered at two nonprofits during the summer between your junior and senior years, Transcript Read more about New feature: Custom section labels[…]