Understanding the evolution of ‘guidance counselor’ to ‘school counselor’

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It used to be that guidance counselors had one primary mission: prepare students for college and career pathways after graduation. Think of duties like writing recommendation letters, sending student transcripts to colleges, and helping students job hunt. But in recent years, the role of guidance counselors has evolved to include far more. While today’s “school [...]

7 common myths about private schools—and why they’re wrong

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What comes to mind when you think of a private school? Maybe a mostly wealthy, white, and privileged student body all dressed in matching uniforms. Or maybe ivy-covered buildings and expensive stadiums. Or elitist families driving up in luxury cars to drop their kids off. It’s not a very welcoming picture, is it? The truth [...]

Your 6 favorite blog posts from 2018

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To help celebrate this holiday season, we’d like to share six of our most popular blog posts from 2018. We hope you find something useful or inspiring here! Should I use a 4.00 or 4.33 GPA on my transcript? The ultimate guide to designing a high school transcript Five subtle changes you didn’t realize your [...]

7 ways to serve students with special needs at your school

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How can your private school serve students with special needs? Especially operating on a modest budget with a small staff? Both good questions that we’ll address in this blog post! While private schools aren’t required to provide special education programs or services, you should have some understanding of how to accommodate these students, what types [...]