How to handle personality clashes with your homeschool student

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We're re-running this post on 6 Ways to Handle Personality Clashes with Your Homeschool Student from December 3rd, 2019 to help you prep for the upcoming school year. Homeschooling—we all have a picture in our minds of students eager to learn gathered happily around mom or dad. Many days are that way, but let’s [...]

101: How to Find Money for College

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Every homeschooling parent will wonder how to find money for college. It can be hard enough for parents of one child, but if you have multiple children, the costs can stack up. Thankfully, Brad Baldridge joins us today to help. Brad is a financial planner specializing in last minute college budgeting. With his help, you'll be able to identify how to save money for college, when to start, and what options you'll have that can make a college education easier to afford. And be sure to stay to the end when we answer a big question that can also save you money!

099: Homeschooling Through Hard Times

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Homeschooling through hard times can be overwhelming, and many homeschooling parents are told they should put their children into public school. But there's no need. The truth is when your family is facing hardship, homeschooling is your greatest advantage, because you can all face the hardships together. Today, we discuss the hard times we've gone through and how we continued our learning lifestyle throughout. And be sure to stay to the end when we answer a very seasonal question!

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