094: Get Out in Nature!

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Nature is all around us, whether you live in the countryside or in a big city, and it's important to spend time outside. As Charlotte Mason said, "One should not be indoors when one can rightly be out of doors." Getting out into nature can soothe the mind and introduce new interests and ideas for child and parent alike. From sitting outside for lunch to big camping trips to national parks, there's always a way to get out in nature!

Continuing Education for the Home Educator

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Public school teachers are required to participate in continuing professional education to keep their skills sharp and to gain new skills. They go to workshops, training classes, and conventions. Home educators have no such requirements in most cases, but it's no less important for them to develop their own toolbox of teaching skills. To [...]

093: What is The Montessori Method?

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What is the Montessori Method? The Montessori Method is an educational method and philosophy that’s been revolutionizing the way children are taught for over 100 years. Starting from a young age and going all the way up to high school and beyond, the Montessori Method teaches students how to build their independence in ways that reach far beyond the classroom. Today, we’re speaking with Nichole Gant, a head of school at an affiliated Montessori school, all about the Montessori Method, its history, and how homeschoolers can incorporate it into their learning lifestyle. And be sure to stay to the end, when we answer a big question about hybrid homeschooling.

092: Getting Your Partner Involved in Your Homeschooling

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Getting your partner involved in your homeschooling takes stress of your mind and lets you relax. When you make the decision to homeschool your children, it's great to have a partner who supports you. But once the schooling begins, the support doesn't stop. Even if the bulk of the day-to-day academics fall on one parent more than the other, there are a myriad of ways your partner can help take the stress off your back. Today, our hosts share what their partners have done to support them in homeschooling and share ideas for how to find similar support if you're a single parent.

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