We’re rolling out some exciting new features over the next few weeks. The first of these is two new fonts for your transcript.

Prior to today’s update, we only offered the Arial and Times New Roman fonts. These are attractive fonts and worked fine for a while, but our goal is to give you maximum flexibility when customizing your transcript. Towards that end, upgraded accounts have immediate access to the Helvetica and Courier New fonts.

Helvetica is a classy font that has subtle differences from Arial. Courier New is a monospaced font — each letter is an equal width. Switching your transcript to Courier New will make it appear as if it were created on a typewriter. This can be an attractive look depending on your preference.

To change the font used on your transcript, click the “Settings” button and select a new font from the “Font Face” drop-down. We’ve also recorded a brief video (below) about how to change fonts. Enjoy, and definitely let us know what you think of the new fonts!