We’ve rolled out some exciting new features during the past year to improve your experience with Transcript Maker. Check them out below!

New graphic and layout options

If you’re a bi-annual or annual subscriber, you’ve got two new options for adding another layer of professionalism to a transcript: you can upload a logo for your homeschool and also add a watermark that appears in the background of the transcript. In addition, you’re now free to completely customize the footer however you see fit.

Improved organizational options

You can now organize your transcript by semester, in addition to by year and by subject. If you’re arranging a transcript by year or semester, you can now display subjects in a separate column. Plus, you can edit weighting for course types and add custom course types at any time! Overall, you can also add a custom label to each section (courses, activities, etc.) that’s entirely defined by you as the user.

Going middle school

We now support adding earlier school years (such as 8th grade) to your transcript.

100% mobile ready

Our website is now totally responsive on your mobile or tablet device, so you can log into your account even while away from your computer. How cool is that?

That’s it for now! Got an idea for a new Transcript Maker feature? Shoot it over to us through our support page. We’d love to hear from you.