Angie Spitzer is a homeschool mom of three boys. She discovered Transcript Maker several years ago after her son began competing for a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship. We caught up with Angie to get her story!

How’d you hear about Transcript Maker?

My oldest son was in 8th grade and I was starting to get nervous about the idea of homeschooling through high school when I first discovered Transcript Maker. Trying to plan a good high-school curriculum was intimidating, but the idea of creating a high-school transcript caused me to doubt my ability to homeschool through high school! I felt like the transcript was capable of making or breaking my son’s college options.

I went so far as to have him apply at a local Christian school as my safety-net for 9th grade as I went back and forth about my ability to document my son’s high-school records. My son was interested in getting an ROTC scholarship, so I knew that I had to plan out his high-school curriculum carefully, keep excellent records, and create a professional transcript that would allow him the chance to compete for the scholarship.

I knew that being a homeschooler, whether it was fair or not, might put him at a disadvantage. Transcript Maker definitely helped me gain more confidence in my ability to document my son’s homeschooling and get him through the ROTC application process.

What was most important to you about a transcript app?

I was looking for a transcript that looked professional, met the college admissions requirements for homeschoolers, and allowed me to list my son’s activities, awards, and achievements. I knew that as a homeschooler competing for an ROTC scholarship, he would need to stand out. I believe that Transcript Maker was just what I needed to highlight his high-school career.

Before Transcript Maker, how did you handle transcripts?

I started creating my son’s 9th grade transcript at the very beginning of his freshman year. It was such a relief to know that the transcript was started and that it was ready anytime I wanted to update or edit. Instead of writing things down (and never finding my notes again), I was able to input classes, test scores, activities, honors, and achievements as they came up. I was able to use the transcript to record a lot of information and then edit as needed as the school year progressed.

Did you find any alternatives to Transcript Maker?

After I found Transcript Maker, I looked no further! Transcript Maker has been a perfect fit for my family. I currently have two sons in high school (sophomore and senior), and I use Transcript Maker to keep their classes/records organized at the beginning of each year. I don’t know what I would do without Transcript Maker!

How did Transcript Maker help your son win the ROTC scholarship?

I believe the ability to professionally list awards, honors, achievements, and activities was crucial to my son’s ROTC opportunity. Most ROTC applicants have excellent grades and test scores, so it was important for my son to stand out. Transcript Maker made this possible!

Are there some other ways your son benefited from a strong transcript?

Transcript Maker has helped all three of my sons. It has helped with dual enrollment, college applications, driver’s education, scholarship applications, and car insurance discounts. Transcript Maker is quick and easy to construct. It’s very professional looking with many options for listing information and printing. Transcripts can be signed and sent electronically. They can be saved and edited at any time. I can easily prepare a unique transcript for all of my kids (students). It’s very affordable and the customer service is outstanding!