You’ve probably done a lot of thinking about how best to work with your student to put together a high school transcript. Maybe you’ve even considered using an app like Transcript Maker to help out.

We know that’s a big decision. And it’s always helpful to take a new resource for a test drive before committing to anything.

We want you to make the best decision for your family. That’s why we put this blog post together—it’s a quick guide for optimizing your 14-day free trial for Transcript Maker and getting the most out of it. Read on for our tips!

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1. Set aside enough time to explore the app

Because Transcript Maker has an easy-to-use interface and navigation system, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. At the same time, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to poke around and explore. That means starting your trial when you’ll have some spare time. Think of it as an investment in your homeschool student’s future!

2. Set goals for your free trial

Next, make the most of your time by setting some goals. One of the biggest will probably be going through the process of producing a test transcript. Seeing that final result is always a good idea. Have that end goal in mind and even mark it as a “to do” on your calendar before the trial expires.

3. Ask plenty of questions

We love fielding questions from homeschool families! Your Transcript Maker trial is the perfect time to discover what you know and don’t know about the process of building a transcript. Make a list of what you’re wondering about and ask away. You can also find answers at our Help Center, at our blog, through our 6-day email course on transcript basics, or with our eBook.

4. Input actual information

We’re all for you creating a test transcript during your trial. But foregoing the temptation to put in “dummy” information and using actual data for your student’s transcript is definitely the way to go. That way, you’ll be better prepared for the real thing when your trial expires.

5. Get your high-school student involved

Most parents do the heavy lifting of creating a transcript for their students. But that doesn’t mean your student should be uninvolved in the process. After all, it’s his or her future at stake. Use your free trial as an opportunity to begin the entire college application process with your student.

6. Absorb as much information as possible

Use your Transcript Maker trial as an excuse to get up-to-speed on the ins and outs of building a homeschool transcript. Aside from the resources we mentioned above, take a look at sample completed transcripts or browse through the Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s guide to making a transcript.

Wrapping up

It’s pretty amazing to realize everything you can accomplished in just 14 days. Ready to get started? Take Transcript Maker for a test run right now.