Winter break is in full swing and the year is winding down, you deserve to take it easy! In that spirit, we’ve compiled all the big questions we’ve answered this year into one easy place. Check the show notes for timecodes to each question.


00:48 What Do I Do If I Fall Behind?

03:31 How Do I Choose Curriculum?

06:30 What Do I Do If My Curriculum Isn’t Working For My Child?

10:05 Am I Teaching Too Much?

14:20 My Family Is Questioning My Decision To Homeschool My Child

19:40 How Do Learning Styles Effect Curriculum Choice?

25:02 How Do I Balance Teaching And Parenting?

30:40 Virtual School Is Too Long!

32:39 Should My Kids Take Standardized Tests?

35:14 Do I Need A Homeschooling Room?

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