Learning foreign languages can be an immensely enriching experience, exposing you and your student to new perspectives, cultures, and ideas, and can even help you to understand your native language better as well. While foreign language learning can be full of joy, it’s not without its challenges. Today, we discuss the joys we’ve had and the challenges we’ve faced while teaching foreign languages in our homeschool, as well as all our favorite foreign language resources. And be sure to stay to the end for a special surprise!


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The Learnables – Affordable & Successful Foreign Language Courses

Henle Latin | Rainbow Resource

Official Rosetta Stone® – Language Learning – Learn a Language

Duolingo – The world’s best way to learn a language

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English from the Roots Up Volume I: Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling, and S.A.T. Scores (bolchazy.com)

Homeschool Spanish Academy – Learn Spanish with Certified Teachers

Spanish Podcast for Kids and Families! | Eat Your Spanish (eatyourspanishpodcast.com)

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