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High schoolers have a lot going on- from expectations and normal pressures of high school to extreme feelings of stress, understanding how to manage the stress they feel is an important skill for your students to have.

Stress is normal!

With all that your high schooler is likely to have on their plate (classes, assignments, college applications, extracurriculars, a social life, and more), it’s normal that they’ll experience stress from time-to-time. Homeschooled students may experience less stress than students in traditional schools because they have more time available to them, more flexibility, and are less likely to compare themselves to others.

How do you know your child is stressed and what can you do?

If your high schooler is experiencing more extreme levels of stress, you may notice this from their increased irritability, less ability to focus, stomach issues, headaches, and more illnesses. Your student may also complain of stress or talk about how much they have going on.

Even at “typical” levels of stress, there are ways that you can help your student. Getting organized and creating routines can be useful, along with tools like using breathing intentionally to calm down, and monitoring their self-talk, changing it when needed. We cover details on these ideas and a few more ideas in the episode.

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