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You may not have heard the term “youth civic organization” but you’re probably familiar with organizations like 4H, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. Holly Urbach, mom of 6 homeschooled children, shares about why involvement in these organizations is a fantastic choice for students.

Involvement prepares students

When someone is involved in a youth civic organization like 4H or the scouts, they’re given the opportunity to learn, explore new areas of interest, and develop leadership skills. Not only are they likely to get more comfortable talking with people and gain confidence in themselves, but the relationships they make with others are hugely important as they continue through school and beyond. Involvement doesn’t always lead to scholarships, but students who participate through high school usually have strong letters of recommendation for college from some very impressive people. Holly shares stories about her family’s positive experience with involvement in 4H, and the benefits she’s seen for other kids. She also helps you understand how to highlight this experience on a college application.

How do we get started?

You can use Google to find organizations near you, or utilize families in your community to help you get started. One of the great things about organizations like 4H and the scouts is that they allow kids to explore so many of their interests, so there will be something for everyone. For all students, but especially homeschoolers, involvement creates another community to be a part of.

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