We’re thrilled to announce that The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to Creating a High School Transcript is now available for download on the Amazon Kindle Store. Plus, we’ve dropped the price from $19 to just $8.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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The book contains my very best tips from over 10 years of helping homeschool families create amazing high school transcripts. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create the perfect aesthetic: Know what to include (and what to leave off), how to arrange content, and how to print a professional final transcript.
  • Master courses and credits: Discover which courses to take, how to add and name them, and how to craft compelling course descriptions. You’ll also learn how to assign credit hours, handle partial or in progress courses, and calculate credit for AP, dual enrollment, and honors courses.
  • Calculate GPA the simple way: Decide on the right GPA scale and discover the difference between weighted and unweighted GPA.
  • Add Tests and Extracurricular Activities: Get the best approach for adding standardized tests (SAT and ACT) and which extracurricular activities to include (and how to present them).
  • Create a Complete Package: Know what to include along with your transcript when submitting it, plus six final tips for transcript making success.

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