Here’s a question for all the private school administrators in our audience: What type of student information system (SIS) does your school use? If the answer is Illuminate Education, you’ll definitely want to read this blog post.

Illuminate Education recently announced that it will be phasing out its SIS by the start of the 2021 school year. That has left many public school districts and private schools scrambling for an alternative.

If you’re one of them, have you considered Transcript Maker? We’re not a full SIS, but that’s a good thing: We’re more agile, adaptable, and better at producing a great looking transcript since we specialize in only that—transcripts—rather than trying to do everything else.

Here are several advantages for switching over to Transcript Maker:

  • You can create professional, branded transcripts quickly and easily.
  • If you already have a transcript template you like, you can bring it to our app and seamlessly continue generating transcripts.
  • GPAs are calculated automatically.
  • Your transcripts are stored securely in the cloud.
  • You can export to multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, and CSV.
  • You can have multiple users per account.
  • You’ll enjoy outstanding customer support.

Try Transcript Maker for free or request a consultation.