Are you wondering how to teach reading? From the brand new homeschooler to the old pro, everyone knows how important reading is. It’s so important, it can create a lot of stress for the home educator! When should you start teaching reading? What method should you use? How do you keep your student interested? And once your kids are reading, how can you be sure they’re reading the right things? Holly and Melody answer all these questions and more in today’s episode, so sit back, listen in, and learn all about how to teach reading!

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The Well Read Kid

Checklist For Reading Readiness

Reading Resources for the ACT

SAT Reading Test

Our Reading Readlist:

A Home Start in Reading, by Ruth Beechick

A Strong Start in Language, by Ruth Beechick

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, by Ruth Beechick

Games for Reading, by Peggy Kaye

The Writing Road to Reading, by Romalda Spalding

Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple, by Deede Hinckley Cauley

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, by Elaine Bruner, Phyllis Haddox, and Siegfried Engelmann

The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease

Phonics Pathways by Dolores G. Hiskes

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