The Happy Homeschooler Podcast is turning 2, and we’re celebrating the occasion! On today’s episode, we’re chatting about our histories with the podcast, how it’s changed over the years, what we’ve learned by being part of it, and where we hope to see it go in the future. And as a special 2-year treat, we’ve got Matt Bass himself– founder of Transcript Maker and producer of The Happy Homeschooler Podcast– giving us a peek behind the curtain, discussing his own history with homeschooling, how he created Transcript Maker, and more!

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The Happy Homeschooler Podcast is a Transcript Maker Production. It is hosted by Holly Williams Urbach, Melody Gillum, and Jennifer Jones, produced by Matthew Bass, and edited by Norah Williams. Our graphic design is by Pete Soloway and our music is by The Great Pangolin.

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