There are a lot of homeschooling resources out there, whether for the teacher or student. But homeschooling is a learning lifestyle, and you need more than just pencils and curricula to make sure your homeschool runs smoothly. That’s why today we’re sharing our favorite homeschooling resources. We’ve gathered our favorite resources for teachers, students, organization, home management, and our favorite apps that make life and homeschooling easier and more joyful. And be sure to stay to the end today, when we give an important time sensitive update.

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05:52 – Teacher Resources
20:56 – Student Resources
32:21 – Organization
44:29 – Home Management
55:22 – Our Favorite Apps
1:03:54 – News Desk


Star Walk 2: The Night Sky Map

Konos – Learning Made Fun

Miquon Math | Hands-on math curriculum for early elementary.

Grammar Lessons for Students – Easy Grammar, Daily Grams

Miller Pads & Paper (

Stick Eraser

Handwriting Without Tears | Learning Without Tears (

Our Books: Draw-Write-Now – Draw Your World

A Reason for Handwriting

Math-U-See (

Design, Color & Create | PRISMACOLOR

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast (

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