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We live in a world where there are so many options to save us time and make us more efficient. However, it’s also easy to stick with habits we know well- one of those may be creating your transcripts manually using spreadsheets or (gasp!) a typewriter!! Even though change can be hard, when you’re noticing errors, lack of consistency, or you’re frustrated, it might be time to upgrade from manual transcripts.

7 Ways you know you need to step away from the spreadsheet

Check out the episode to learn more about each of these signs that you need to put the spreadsheets away and try out a transcript app like Transcript Maker:

  1. Mistakes are happening too frequently: Typos, spelling errors, or missing information are all signs that the manual process may not be working for you.
  2. You’re struggling with GPA math: This type of math is no joke; it’s hard, and it needs to be correct. Math mistakes are easily made when you’re using spreadsheets, and dealing with weighted and non-weighted GPAs manually can be tedious.
  3. You’re losing your work: If you don’t have a system that backs up, you run the risk of losing your work. You waste time (and money) trying to get all of it back.
  4. There are inconsistencies: The transcripts that you create for your school should be consistent from the information on them to the overall look; this is hard to accomplish manually.
  5. Changing something renders old transcripts obsolete: Your manual system doesn’t allow you to change information in one place (like a class title) and have it apply to other transcripts.
  6. You’re wasting time: It’s time consuming to produce a transcript when you’re entering information piece by piece and transcript by transcript. Your time is probably better spent somewhere else.
  7. Printing problems: Once you’ve created your manual transcript, you still need to print it and have it look the way you want; sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Feeling ready to upgrade?

Though it can be overwhelming to make changes, Transcript Maker aims to make the transition easy for you. During your free 14-day trial, we’ll get you onboarded and set up to try us out; since we’re focused on transcripts, you don’t have to worry about making lots of changes at once. And don’t forget, we’re here to answer questions along the way.

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