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Marketing is not just for business! As a school, it’s easy to think that the students will come to you, and then you serve them. But, as alternative forms of education grow, it’s important that you consider marketing, not just to help your school grow, but to ultimately reach and support more students.

How can a school market themselves?

If you’re looking to reach more students, you need to start where people are: online. Most people are going to use Google to find information on potential schools and programs, so, at a minimum, your school should probably have a website. Make sure that you have pages that discuss your school, it’s approach, and what makes your school unique. Be sure to consider what people are searching for and have that on your site, for example, “Private School [Your city and state].”

From there, you can add on content, like blog posts about your school, profiles on students, or information that people would find useful. Not only does this give people more ways to find you when they search online, but you can then use these articles to send out in your mailing list, and also within social media: two other significant ways to market your school.

What is the transcript’s role in marketing?

Anything that your school produces can potentially be a source of marketing, and your school’s transcript is a marketing tool, whether you’re using it that way or not. When your students share their transcripts with colleges, that’s creating more awareness of your program: you don’t want your school or your students to get a negative reputation because of errors, inconsistency, or an unprofessional look.

Your school can use its transcripts as a helpful marketing tool by not only making sure the content is accurate but also by creating a branded look. Transcript Maker makes it easy for you to accomplish this. Not only can we help you create a template that meets your needs, but when you print your transcript, it will look great. You can kick it up a notch with high-quality paper and emboss it with a seal- what a great marketing tool that students will be proud to share!

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