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On this episode of Beyond Transcripts we’re joined by Holly Urbach, long-time homeschooler. Today we tackle an important topic: can you homeschool and work? Previously, families may have had a stay-at-home parent who took on the responsibility of homeschooling the kids. Today, however, many homeschooling families have two working parents.


How can you work and homeschool?


The reality is that many households need or want to have two incomes. They may also want to homeschool their kids and do it well. Though it may feel like more of a challenge to work and homeschool, it can be done. If your job is flexible, or has non-traditional work hours (for example, part-time, working on weekends, or shift-work of several longer shifts and then several days at home), then homeschooling and work is definitely doable. Even if you have a more traditional job, homeschooling can still be an option.


When Holly’s husband worked later in the day, she worked in the morning. This worked well for her teens who liked to sleep in and took their time in the morning getting ready and doing chores. When she was home from work, they could then start their homeschooling lessons and finish later than a typical school day. When you’re homeschooling, as long as you’re hitting your state’s requirements, you can be flexible with when the homeschooling occurs. Working from home is another option for homeschooling- Holly has found this to be a good fit for her family now, as she is homeschooling her kindergarnter.


Other tips for working and homeschooling including getting organized at home and looking into enrichment programs where your child can be in an activity during the day and then you can work. There are many great options, from considering the type of work you pursue, looking at how you schedule your day, and using community support to help you be successful at working and homeschooling.


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