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When you’re homeschooling your kids, it’s helpful to understand as much about them and their learning style as you can so that you can best meet their needs. On this episode of Beyond Transcripts we’re joined by Holly Urbach who has homeschooled for many years and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to homeschooling and learning styles.

4 Learning Types

We’re talking about Wiggly Willys, Perfect Paulas, Competent Carls, and Social Sues. By learning about this framework of learning styles, and typical characteristics, you’ll be able to apply this information immediately in your homeschooling.  We discuss some classic characteristics of these different learning styles: both the strengths and some of the challenges. Chances are, as you listen, you’ll be nodding your head as you start to see your kids (and yourself) within the descriptions of these learning styles.

Understanding these learning styles will help you choose curriculum that will best meet your child’s needs. For example, Holly had used one particular reading curriculum for reading for several of her children but found that another was very resistant. After considering his learning style and looking at the options, she found a curriculum that would likely better meet his needs. When she introduced it to him, he was excited about- it was a game-changer. Even if you can’t change the curriculum, you can make adjustments of the assignments and the way you teach so that your students are best able to learn.

When your kids are younger, you probably won’t be able to determine their learning style but as they get older, you’ll notice their tendencies. As they continue to develop, you can also help them understand that while they do have tendencies and preferences, when they enter higher education, instructors may not be as accommodating or teach to all styles, so it’s also important to be flexible.

Holly has a few suggestions for books and resources, if you’d like to learn more about these different learning styles. When you homeschool your children, you have the ability to make adjustments, so using their learning styles to improve the way you homeschool can improve the experience for everyone.

Resources Mentioned:

The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias

Making the Most of Your Child’s Learning Style by Cynthia Tobias

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