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When it comes to high school transcripts, consistency is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s large details like GPA or course name, or small details like a comma in your school’s name, consistency in your high school transcripts is critical! Matt Bass, founder of Transcript Maker gives insight into how to create consistent transcripts in an efficient way.

Where should there be consistency?

When it comes to your high school transcripts, there are a number of areas you want to have consistency, including:

  • School name (Being consistent between transcript, website, business cards, etc.)
  • Course titles
  • Branding
  • Formatting (making sure all transcripts look the same, but also within one transcript, for example, the column widths are consistent)

Why are there inconsistencies?

Often times schools will notice a lack of consistency when doing transcripts manually. It becomes almost impossible to keep data consistent across different student’s transcripts, and your final product may not always look the same. If you’re doing your transcripts manually (which we don’t recommend, in part, because of the lack of consistency), you’re going to use a lot of time trying to get all of these details addressed, and you might still miss some.

Why is consistency so important?

You want your transcript to represent your school and your students well. When you’re sending transcripts that have issues, you do your students a disservice while also losing credibility with the schools your students are applying to- you don’t want that!

We know that schools and families would like to have consistency within their transcripts, but it may not feel like the biggest priority, so we’ve made Transcript Maker easy to set up and have taken care of these areas where consistency matters. When you have a system that’s easy to use, you become more efficient, your transcripts improve, and your school and students are represented in the best light.

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