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Online education is a fantastic option for high school students because it’s flexible, can allow for students to learn at their own pace, and helps to meet the needs of different learning styles. Online learning options are a good choice for private schools and the students they serve.

Defining online education and the benefits for high schoolers

When we say “online education” there’s actually a spectrum of what that might mean. Some classes will be 100% online, with students never attending onsite or meeting in person. Then, there may be hybrid courses where students do some portions of class online and other parts in a traditional classroom. There are other classes which may meet together for everything but exams that happen online. And there are certainly other models besides these.

You may have concerns about the quality of education in an online course or degree program, but the truth is, these online classes can actually be harder for students because instructors often expect a lot of the students to show that they are participating and learning. If you’re researching online courses and programs, be sure to check if the program is accredited.

Giving high schoolers the option of online learning can be great: it takes away the barrier of physically getting to campus. Whether a student has a health, transportation, or time availability issue, online options make school more accessible. Additionally, many colleges are moving toward online offers and many careers require employees to be tech-savvy, so online classes in high school prepare students for their future.

Why might your school want to offer online classes and how can you do it well?

In addition to giving more options for your students, you expand your reach to who you can serve when you offer classes online. Your students (and faculty) are no longer bound by geography. Even if your students are close by, giving them flexible options increases their satisfaction.

If you decide to move forward with online classes, be sure to have the technology to do it well, set clear expectations for your students and faculty, and remember that even though you want your students online to learn what they would in a traditional classroom, how they learn it and show their understanding may be different than the face-to-face environment.

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