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As a homeschooling family, being organized is critical. Organization has to do not only with your space in your home: where you do your homeschooling and studying and where your materials are kept, but you also need to think about your records. Are you as organized as you want to be? Most people aren’t, so we’re covering tips and tricks for homeschool record keeping and organization.

Why organization is so important

You probably already know the answer to this, but if you’re not organized as a homeschooling family, you run the risk of losing information, being stressed, and scrambling when it comes time to compile all of your official records for college. Being organized saves you time and mental energy and probably creates a better environment to homeschool in.

Our tips to keep more organized as a homeschooling family

  • Have dedicated spaces: For where the schooling happens, for where your students keep their materials and work and for where you, as a parent keep your information.
  • Keep your materials and records together: Your student probably has binders or folders for each class (or if they don’t, they should!) so keep your information together too. Put materials for each course together and have something like a filing cabinet where you’re keeping records like grades for coursework.
  • New to homeschooling and not sure how to set up your spaces or get your materials and records organized? Pinterest is a great resource and will give you lots of visual ideas and links to articles for how to create your space and get organized.
  • Start how you want to end: you don’t want to scramble as your kids complete their college applications, so make sure you’re keeping track of things like grades and course titles from the beginning.
  • As your kids get older, they can take more responsibility over organization and record keeping, but even from early on, if your kids are involved in deciding how organization happens, they’re taking more ownership over the process and are more likely to follow through with it.
  • Use technology to your advantage: online spreadsheets and software programs like Transcript Maker can make your record keeping much easier, especially when it comes time to finishing up your transcripts to send to colleges.

Organization of your space and your records is important as a homeschooling family. Use these ideas to help you get more organized and check out the blog for more of our favorite tips for organization.

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