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Achieving goals is exciting, but there is more to setting and accomplishing goals than you might think. On this episode of Beyond Transcripts, Matt Bass, founder of Transcript Maker, is back to talk about goals and share information to help you improve your ability to set and accomplish goals!

Why set goals?

Setting goals is important because once you set the goal, you know what you’re working on- you have direction and an aim, and there’s something exciting about seeing your progress! For students and parents, goals can be set in areas of school like getting assignments done, at home, such as doing chores, or even in life like getting healthier. But, as we talk about, not all goals are created equal!

And, with the New Year comes lots of talk about resolutions so we share our thoughts about resolutions, how those compare to goals, and how you can toss out the idea of goals if you’re put off by the word.

How can you accomplish your goals?

There are a few different ideas that can help you set goals in a way that you’re more likely to accomplish. Think of goals like a staircase- where you’re at now is at the bottom and where you want to go is at the top. The top of your staircase is the long-term goal: a goal for the future. The steps in between are the short-term goals that are going to help you get there.

When you set these goals, you want to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic, and Timed. By following the SMART acronym when you set your goals, you give yourself a much better chance of accomplishing the goal. You also want to come up with strategies to help you get there. Getting support and accountability for your goal can also be useful, along with writing it down and putting that goal somewhere where you can see it.

For homeschooling families, you can set goals around academic areas, life skills, and even organization, like getting your transcripts organized before you need them ready for college applications. Remember that these tips are applicable to all areas of life!

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