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On the first episode of Beyond Transcripts, we talk about why schools need to care about professional high school transcripts. Not only does an organized, good-looking transcript solidify the image of your school, but it helps to create more satisfaction for your students and their parents. Who knew transcripts could do all that?

With everything that could go into a high school transcript, I share what you probably want to include in your school’s transcript, along with what colleges would like to see. When students are applying to multiple colleges, it’s important to be able to have some flexibility with how you present the information, and it always needs to be accurate and error-free.

If you’re curious about best practices for a professional high school transcript to help support your student’s goals of getting into college, this episode is for you. We also share about Transcript Maker and how we can help simplify transcripts for your school. When transcripts aren’t just about grades, but also help to create your reputation, you want to take them seriously.

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