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Change may be hard, but especially in education, change is necessary. With the ongoing rise of distance education, the evolution of technology, and the continued desire for students to get into good colleges, high schools need to keep up with the times. Administrators in schools are typically the agents of change which means they are the ones who must push through the discomfort and take the steps to make the changes happen.

What can administrators do to help make change happen?

Part of why change can feel overwhelming is because of the size of the task and the number of people that the change potentially impacts. Administrators need to be prepared mentally and practically when it comes to making changes, whether that’s in how they’re running their school, the technology they adopt, or other decisions that affect their teachers and families.

I encourage agents of change not only to be brave, because that willingness for change gives you an edge over other schools, but also want to remind you that you can start simple. Even 15 minutes a day of planning and executing can help make change happen.

What if you’re making changes in technology

As distance learning continues to grow in popularity, and more technology is developed, there can be uncertainty about adopting it. When you’re faced with this sort of potential change, look to others who have gone through it, asking questions and getting support, along with trying out the technology to see if it works for you. Transcript Maker not only gives you a 14-day free trial, but we’re also very supportive in helping you get up and running, customizing your transcript if needed.

When it comes to making change, courage in leadership is necessary. On the podcast, we help you consider why and how you might want to take steps toward something new, even if it’s uncomfortable to begin with.

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