Hi folks, Matt here. I have plenty of exciting changes coming to Transcript Maker in 2016. One of these is support for semesters. It’s been requested by dozens of users and yes, I’ve heard you!

Up until now, transcripts could only be organized by school year (Freshman, Sophomore) or by subject (Math, English). While this works great for most colleges and universities, some of them prefer to see high school transcripts organized by semester (Spring, 2016, Fall 2016).

Now it’s easy to change any transcript built with Transcript Maker to be sorted this way. Sound too good to be true? Take 2 minutes and watch this video as I demonstrate how to order by semesters:

Whether you’re a homeschool parent assembling a transcript for your child, or a homeschool student just beginning the college application process, I trust this feature will make life easier for you.

Now that adding support for semesters is out of the way, I’m free to work on the next big priority for 2016: support for numerical grades. If you’ve been waiting for this feature, don’t fret! It’ll be live soon.

As always, thanks for being such great customers. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback to share please don’t hesitate to get in touch.