As always here at Transcript Maker, we’ve been working on adding new features and constantly improving our service. It’s time for another new feature announcement! Here are the latest additions:

Course Status

Previously, Course Status and Course Type were in the same drop-down, so courses couldn’t be marked as a special course type (like Honors, AP, etc.) and In Progress at the same time. Now they can! We have added a separate status drop-down, visible next to Course Type when adding a new course.



There are three status choices, Pending, In Progress and Completed.

A course marked “Pending” won’t be calculated into your GPA, and it won’t be visible on the printed transcript. This selection is the option you’d choose for a course you want to track yourself, but don’t want colleges to see yet.

A course marked “In Progress” won’t be included in the GPA, but it will show up on the printed transcript. If your student hasn’t completed some courses yet, but you want the college to see what the student is currently studying, this is the option to choose.

Finally, a “Completed” course will be included in the GPA and show up on the printed transcript.

GPA Summary

Now you can show the GPA for each year, semester, or subject, depending on how you’ve chosen to sort courses on your transcript. It will display weighted, unweighted or both, depending on what you have selected. This example is what GPA summary looks like on a transcript that has been sorted by semester, and displaying both weighted and unweighted GPA.



It also shows the cumulative GPA, which is the GPA calculated for the current year/semester/subject and all previous years/semesters/subjects combined. The GPA summary will only show up on your printed transcript.

You’ll find the option to turn on GPA summary in the “Settings” tab.



We’re excited to release these new features to make your transcripts even more easy to create and professional! Your feedback and suggestions for more new features are welcomed. Feel free to contact us any time!